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Our Story

We were led here.


This property is beyond our wildest dreams.

We were led here. As a young couple we had always dreamed of Project Imagine, we just weren’t sure how it would come to be. Living in Northern Virginia, we were already thinking about changing our location. In 2017 our home was broken into and our youngest daughter had been recently diagnosed with autism.  It was a final motivation to leave the area. We sold our home, moved in with family, and began looking at properties. We were envisioning a more rural community-based area to raise our children.


We came across this beautiful farm in 2019, but it seemed financially unattainable for us. But through several helping hands, and what seemed like sheer luck it became ours. We later found out that Tye’s father had made an offer to purchase the property in the 70’s. We knew this was no coincidence. This place was meant for us.


The main house on the property was built circa 1769. A former property owner won it in a bridge game so it was named Bridge’s Chance by his daughters. As with many Bay Hundred mansions, the house saw many historical events, including being occupied by British soldiers during the War of 1812.


The main house has 10 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, 11 fireplaces, a swimming pool with a hot tub, a pool house, a cabana, and a 280-foot deep-water dock. There is a traditional English boxwood garden and a kitchen garden, as well as apple orchards and a graveyard. The 18 outbuildings include the main house, the overseer’s house, a springhouse, a woodshed, a garage, a chicken house, a greenhouse, a smokehouse, a slaughterhouse, a storage building, a machine shed, a barn, and a linear complex containing a stable, a carriage house, a storage shed, a machine shed, a granary, and a corncrib. The farm boasts roughly 4,000 feet of waterfront footage on Harris Creek and Dun Cove and is located off Tilghman Island Road to the north of Tilghman Island.


Mabel Lindsay Gillespie, a Pittsburgh heiress, developed the entire farm complex as a summer home for herself between 1929 and 1969. Locals reported to the Mains that at some point she used it as a school for underserved children and that her farm helped supply food to locals.


This rich history is part of the magic here, and one of our goals is to preserve this.


I used to dream about this place I called ‘Imagine’ –a farm where people worked in the gardens, where kids came and learned about the natural environment, and where there were apple trees. When we came here so much of what I was dreaming about was here.

You must walk between your imagination and reality. We want to do this to inspire people to get into their bigger lives, which means trusting their instincts. If you have a reoccurring thought as we did, there’s something to it and that’s leading you to a cool place that you think is out of your reach.


We have so much on the horizon that we are working on here! Please follow along as we continue to unfold this amazing journey and stay tuned for so much more!

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